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Denis Labrecque

The short version…….


I formed DeLab Consulting in 2015 after a series of positions in the synthesizer, computer music and digital signal processing fields. It all began with learning analog modular synthesis at Electronic Music Laboratories (EML), then working with the team from there that became Star Instruments, producing the famed Synare 3 electronic drum. My growing knowledge and interest in personal computers led me to be part of key developments for Passport Designs (MasterTracks Pro, Encore) at the dawn and the expansion of MIDI technology. I managed the development of the award-winning APS card for Emu Systems and then became the marketing manager at Staccato Systems, developer of software-based synthesis and game-audio tools. Staccato was then acquired by Analog Devices, where I promoted the popular SoundMAX PC audio system and helped expand the use of SHARC DSPs in the Pro Audio industry.  


NAMM Oral History Interview


Art + Music + Technology Podcast Interview


The Long version…..

I am a business development and marketing professional with significant experience and skills in product and project management, product definition, market/brand development and promotion. With a passion for the music industry and audio DSP products / applications, I have proven to be a significant, impactful asset for the companies and clients I have worked with. 


My background includes vice president and senior product management positions at pioneering electronic hardware and music software companies, including Analog Devices, Passport Designs, Creative Labs/E-mu Systems, and Staccato Systems.


My overall expertise lies in the ability to distill and communicate complex engineering concepts for both Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business engagements.  I have established skills in the areas of impactful product collateral, marketing content and presentation creation. I excel when working with exceedingly innovative engineering teams that want to deliver the benefits of their efforts to a wide-ranging audience.




DeLab Consulting - Digital Audio Technology Consultant (2015-present)

Business Development/Marketing

  • Currently working with several clients to develop and promote products for both the consumer and OEM audio markets.

  • Product definition/Product Management

  • Presentations and product collateral

  • Go-to-market plans


Analog Devices (2000-2015) Dual positions for the general-purpose DSP division:

   DSP Division Marketing Manager:

  • Manage the team responsible for all division Product Launches. Responsible for all messaging, marketing copy, tradeshow displays, workshop/seminars and presentation materials.

  • Starting 2000, Marketing Manager for ADI’s SoundMAX PC audio group, developed all marketing materials and led the PR team. SoundMAX attained 85% market share and was the most recognizable brand in PC Audio at the time.

  • In 2005, promoted to Marketing lead for all ADI’s General Purpose DSP product launches and division Marketing Communications across all ADI embedded DSP products.

   Pro Audio Business Development

  • Worked with ADI’s DSP product team for utilization and design-in of the SHARC and Blackfin processors and was directly involved with the definition of features and supported standards of future DSP/audio products.

  • Able to translate features of highly technical engineering concepts to the relevant benefits for ProAudio Product Managers. And, similarly, convey desired Pro Audio functions back to ADI’s DSP development team.

  • Participated in the ADI BPP (Business Planning Process), contributing the ProAudio Market Plan to both the DSP Division and the High-Performance Media Segment.

  • Actively developed and promoted ADI audio “brand” 

    • Created a “Logo Program” whereby ProAudio customers feature the SHARC and Blackfin emblem in their marketing materials in exchange for marketing exposure.

  • Working with sales and factory Product leads, helped to double ProAudio business from 2009-2014


Staccato Systems Audio Software (1999-2000)

Vice President of Marketing

  • Worked with highly skilled product engineers working in audio physical modeling to develop campaigns in both the Game Audio and PC/motherboard audio markets.

  • Instrumental in developing the materials leading to Staccato’s acquisition by Analog Devices.


E-mu Systems, a division of Creative Labs (1997-1999)

Product Marketing Manager, Computer Products

  • Developed the E-Mu Audio Production Studio, their first technology collaboration with Creative Labs

    • Winner of Electronic Musician Editors’ Choice Award 1999

  • Responsible for all marketing, advertising and direction/design of user interface and user experience


Passport Designs Music Software (1982-1997)

Vice President

  • Managed all general Operations for one of the world’s first computer music companies

    • Production Management, Customer Service, Marketing 

  • Significant contributions to UI and product design






I have edited, written and ghost-written numerous manuals, technical articles and presentations on the subjects of Digital Signal Processing and MIDI and have been a featured speaker at major industry trade shows including AES, NAMM and CES.


Product Management

  • Product Definition

  • Multiple, very successful global product launches


Project Management and Communication

  • Tradeshow, Workshops, Press Tours/Press Conferences

  • Collateral Development – manuals, articles, presentations

  • 3rd Party management – advertising/PR agencies, Hardware & Software developers


Brand Development and Communication

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Ability to simplify complex “engineering” information in order to convey a clear and consistent message


  • Audio editing

  • MIDI sequencing – PC & Mac

  • Synthesis/Sound Design



  • Member of AES

  • Former Member of the Executive Board of the MMA (MIDI Manufacturers’ Association)

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